Service Times
Sunday School
Sunday, 9:30 am
Morning Worship
Sunday, 10:30 am
Evening Service
Sunday, 6:00 pm

What Are Our Services Like?

Expository Preaching

Preaching is the center of the worship service—The place where God Himself speaks to us. Each Sunday we hear an expositional style sermon from God's Word


From beginning to end, our services are intentional. Singing, reading scripture, preaching, and the prayers of God's people all come together to make up our weekly gospel-liturgy. Through these practices we rehearse the redemptive narrative in a clear and beautiful way.


Our music is a blend of old and new hymns and contemporary music. Our emphasis is not so much on style but rather on the gospel narrative which we seek to present through song. Worship is not about a personal experience, but a personal and congregational response to the glory of God. It is our goal that all music sung in worship would promote strong doctrine and exalt Jesus.


Our worship gatherings include people of all ages—from infants to elders.  We believe there is great biblical value in families and people of all age groups worshiping together. The goal is to partner with families in training children to take part in our normal worship services.

Casual Dress

You will notice that we are relaxed in how we dress and interact. There’s no list of outward rules or expectations that we follow. Of all people on earth, gospel Christians should be joyful and not hung up on man-made stipulations.

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