Mission and Values

At Bible Baptist church, we exist to be the gospel made visible in North Vernon and surrounding cities. Our mission as a church can be broken down into three objectives:

EQUIP the Saints

The Great Commission wasn't given only to church leaders and Pastors; it was given to Christians. Here at BBC, it is our priority that church members be spiritually engaged with God's Word on a consistent basis. When church members are properly equipped, we can effectively export the gospel to the world around us.

ENGAGE the Culture

When sin entered the world God's good creation was fractured; Suddenly, there was brokenness. The effects of that brokenness can still be felt today. There is only one message that can bring healing and restoration: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. It's the job of the church to get beyond our four walls and engage the culture both in conversation and in action.

EXULT the Savior

The chief end of man is to glorify God, and person of Jesus is where the fulness of God is pleased to dwell. In all of our endeavors, it is our desire to present Christ as a treasure, both in our congregation and without.

Our Values


We are Gospel Christians. Through the cross, we have been granted forgiveness, righteousness and all that pertains to salvation. Therefore, our entire identity is found in Jesus Christ and our only boast is Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection for our sins. Our lives and eternity has been completely changed by the gospel. This gospel binds us together and the glory of Christ in all things is our single aim. 


As a confessional church, we hold fast to the essential doctrines of the Christian faith as summarized in historic confessions of faith such as the Baptist Faith and Message, New Hampshire Baptist Confession, London Confession, and Westminster Confession. While the Word of God is our final authority, these confessions are faithful summaries on what the Bible clearly teaches on essential doctrine and demonstrates that we are in a continuum of those who have held fast to the faith throughout history. 


As believers assembled together because of the gospel, we covenant together to live according to the teachings of the Word of God. This means that we mutually submit ourselves to one another, to biblical church leaders, to faithful preaching and teaching of Scripture and to church discipline. The Spirit of grace and Christian charity govern our attitudes toward one another and the servant-example of our Lord Jesus guide us in the ways we are to serve one another.


Christ is our chief aim, not community. That being said, we do believe community is important. Christ forms our community and we seek to build relationships around the gospel, in the Word and through increasing love for one another as God’s redeemed people. The most important aspects of our community are the worship of the Savior, the preaching of the Word, and the observance of the sacraments. These three realities have the highest priority in our community of faith. 


Christ has commissioned His church to make disciples of all nations. As a local church, we work together to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in our own circles of influence. Additionally, we cooperate with other churches, mission organizations and mission boards to support foreign missionaries through finances and prayer. 

For detailed clarification on specific doctrines please see our Statement of Faith and Church Covenant.

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